February 3, 2016 7 Comments sisbee-s-thoughts

Knee trouble and other pains


Prancing around in my pretty wedges I couldn’t have seen it coming. I was feeling confident, happy but most especially oblivious.

The floor was slippery and although I was looking where I was going, I obviously wasn’t looking well enough because I landed on the floor with a huge thud putting at least two thirds of my weight on my left knee.

The pain was excruciating but the initial embarrassment surpassed that. As I was being helped up, 100 hundred things must have been going through my mind but the pain was somewhat silencing. I do remember vividly that I needed to get up as quickly as I could, even the agony wasn’t enough to keep me on the floor for any second longer than was necessary.

My friend came to my aid, in some ways I guess it was amusing but also, I presume, there were mixed thoughts of sympathy, empathy and an urge to make things better for me. The knee was bruised and swollen. I knew it wasn’t broken or seriously damaged but it sure was sore!

I was attending a meeting with someone, it took me ages to concentrate on what was going on. I was thinking about my knee , wondering how swollen it would get, battling with the pain and also thinking about the travelling I had planned over the next week and how the knee was going to effect it. I remained slightly embarrassed but eventually talked myself into believing that not many people had seen me fall and so it really didn’t matter. Thoroughly distracted by the pain, I really wasn’t at my best that day. Someone offered to massage it…..ha ha….that was a joke! I couldn’t touch it myself -let alone allow someone else try to!

The bruising and swelling went down after a few weeks but I couldn’t kneel down on it or bend it properly for a long time. Intermittently I would feel a niggling discomfort if I brushed it against something too hard.

I touched my knee this evening and realised without my knowing it, healing had been taking place every day over the past 5 months. Gradually, as the discomfort eased, I had focused less and less on the injury until one day the pain   had finally improved.

I couldn’t help relating the experience with other things. Many people are prancing around happily until they find themselves taking knocks in life, falling suddenly or finding themselves on the floor. The pain is excruciating, the embarrassment second to none and in a state of emotional discomfort they may not be able to concentrate on anything else or function properly. We may worry about the future or the consequences of our pain. Externally we may look fine but internally we may be struggling. People may want to help but things may be too painful for us to help ourselves- let alone allow someone else to help us.

As we call on The Lord in these circumstances, Jesus lifts us up. The bottom line is that the Lord is our healer. When we depend on him and stop focusing on the hurt and stop worrying, internally He begins working at fixing us and getting us back on our feet. We should aim to be eager to get up quickly and dust ourselves down, not allowing embarrassment or other negative emotions to linger .The pain will get easier and one day we will wake up to find out that emotional healing has taken place. Every hurt can improve with time.

We need to trust that God, who formed this body of ours and has given it the ability to fix itself behind the scenes, is the same God who is able to fix anything.

Ecclesiastes 3:11 (NIV) says

 He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.

Psalm 147 vs 3 ( NIV) says

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.


Be Encouraged.