December 28, 2015 6 Comments sisbee-s-thoughts

It’s a wonderful life

I watched this beautiful old Christmas classic- ‘It’s a wonderful life’- for the first time yesterday. I had tried at least four times to watch it over the past few years , never managing to get past a certain point. I think the fact that the film is in black and white, the coziness of the couch, the over feeding that goes with the season and the lack of interest everyone I have ever tried to watch it with has exhibited, inevitably, had contributed to my nodding off at the very same spot where George gets slapped by Mr Gower in a scene which today would be considered the ultimate definition of child abuse.
Yesterday however, I napped before I started watching it and hadn’t had anything to eat yet.

On Christmas day my sister had convinced me it was worth watching. And so for the third year in a row and the second time in two days I searched for it amongst the film listings and started watching a film that eventually brought me to tears.
The movie has quite a few beautiful lessons but what stood out for me was that  God hears and answers our prayers, we should  be grateful for everything we have in our lives…….and I mean everything! Do not  give up on being good or kind to people, and never forget our lives impact so many. The ripple effect is more than you can imagine. Never doubt for a minute that you are important.

Be Encourgaed.

Sisbee. xxx