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Hey! What’s Your Name ?

I’ve been smiling over this for a few days now. I recall an away day I went to with some colleagues a couple of years ago. After the studies and lectures had concluded one of us had kindly arranged a fun activity . So there we were, like excited kids getting ready for sports day.
We divided ourselves in to 2 teams and then had the challenge of coming up with names for our teams. We played around with a few names until I suddenly came up with what I felt was a bright idea. I suggested our team be called ‘The Winners’.
It was amusing and really all just for laughs. There we were like school children striving for a trophy (and in hindsight probably looking hilarious) as we technically pottered through all the kindergarten challenges and races that had been set us. Having suggested the name for our team, I personally however, was on a mission for us to live up to our name.
The other team had decided to call themselves ‘Undecided’ to my utmost dismay, or probably to theirs. I couldn’t help laughing. I guess they were undecided on what to call themselves but that could have translated to being undecided on whether they chose to win or not…..I didn’t want to make too much fuss about it, people were already telling me I was reading too much meaning into things, and besides, I was on the other team that had a positive name any way.
One thing I will never forget though, is how the scores were read out after each event. Each time our score was read out the score keeper would shout out …….’And ‘The Winners’ scored so and so!’. I guess we were addressed as the winners at least 10 times . The significance of being called that name over and over resonated well with me. It sunk in deep and had more meaning to me than others deemed necessary. …I mean, after all, we weren’t competing in The Olympics.
True to our name however, we came out on top.
We hear so many things about the importance of names, the importance of what we say and the importance of what we call ourselves and others. Some may say something that imparts negativity into themselves or in to someone else in jest or simply because it may not seem significant. Some people may think watching what they say is taking things too far, but I tell you, our words have so much power. Either way, what’s to lose by speaking life, success and positivity into situations or people? Really there is nothing to lose and everything good to gain.
And on that note I say
I’m a winner!

Proverbs 18:21 The Message (MSG)
 Words kill, words give life;
    they’re either poison or fruit—you choose.

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